Design Services

CDC offers design and detailing services to subcontracting and manufacturing firms in the building facade industry, world-wide. These firms count on CDC to develop workable details to meet project technical requirements for a wide range of cladding systems that assure excellent performance as well as value for their Clients.

CDC provides:

  • Glass/Aluminum Systems
    • Unitized and Stick Curtain Wall
    • Ribbon Windows
    • Punched Windows
    • Operable Windows/Vents
    • Sliding Glass Doors
    • Suspended and Structural Glass Systems
    • Double Wall Design
    • All-Glass Walls
    • Sloped Glazing
    • Skylights
  • Cladding Systems
    • Natural Stone (panelized and handset)
    • Cast Stone
    • Terra Cotta Rain Screen Systems
    • Architectural Precast Concrete
    • Composite and Monolithic Metal Panels
    • Panelized Brick
  • Extrusion Die Drawings
  • Extrusion Confirmation
  • Proposal and Bid Drawings
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Blast Analysis/Design